Cressida Kroft

Field Marshal of the Korvosan Guard


- Has promised party that she would help slow investigation into murder/arson and speak on party’s behalf.
- Gave official Guard letter allowing salvage rights of Eel’s End items secured by Longacre Hall.
- Celebrated destruction of Eel’s End but cautioned against pulling something like that in the future.
- Has one of Ambassador Amprei’s love letters after party secured them from Barsavi.
- Gave party task of tracking down renegade guards, and shutting down their operation.


Even-tempered leader of the Korvosan Guard, whose practice of openly encouraging adventurers and mercenaries to aid the Guard in the city’s defense has earned her some unfair criticism by the city’s elite.

As one of Korvosa youngest Field Marshal’s, she has few friends among the nobility and has had to work much harder than her predecessors to win their approval. Marshal Kroft has invested all her energy in keeping the peace in the city, often to personal detriment, and her task in the current circumstances has only gotten increasingly difficult in these trying times.

Cressida personally requested the assistance of the heroes and has begun using them for missions too dangerous or too “sensitive” for the normal guard.

Cressida Kroft

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