[Gangs of Korvosa]

A collection of the gangs and criminal organizations in Korvosa


The criminal elements of Korvosa have organized into many distinct groups all vying for a chunk of territory in the city. Overseeing them all is the powerful guild of thieves, the Cerulean Society.


Eel’s End
Old Korvosa Gang

- Group disbanded. Surviving elements fled / joined up with other gangs.
- Headquarters destroyed by fire, with all aboard lost in the explosion.
- Formerly operated by Devargo Barsavi, and supplying nearly all of the Shiver found in Korvosa.

Midland Docks Gang

- Gang hasn’t been seen in some time, and is assumed to have disbanded.
- Party has killed over a dozen members and their leader, Rock.
- Formerly sizeable Midland gang of Shoanti refugees.

Catsdew Lofties
Burglary Gang

- Gang was spotted once above shops near midland markets.
- Group of famous all-female burglars.

Sczarni Family
Varisian Crime Family

- Varisian mobsters that the party turned away from taking grain caravan. Swore vengeance.
- Famous for their influence through-out Varisia.
- They exert considerable influence over the smaller gangs, and offer “protection” to the citizens and shopkeepers of Korvosa.

[Gangs of Korvosa]

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