Ileosa Arabasti

Queen of Korvosa


- They saw her again born on a palanquin during the King’s funeral march.
- Players met her in mourning when they returned her brooch.


Domineering and demanding, Queen Ileosa has made no secret that she thinks Korvosa is a backwater port compared to the majesty of Cheliax. This has made her very unpopular with the city’s inhabitants.

Ileosa Arbasti was born Ileosa Arvanxi to one of Cheliax’s most powerful families in Westcrown. Beautiful beyond words and with a small fortune, she rejected her family’s authority and moved to Korvosa instead of marrying a wealthy Chelish nobleman as was expected of her. Her family was scandalized by the abandonment.

After falling in love with Ileosa, King Eodred Arabasti married the young girl in 4704 AR.

Ileosa Arabasti

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