[Merchants of Korvosa]

A collection of the various store/inn owners in Korvosa


The merchants of Korvosa mainly congregate in the city’s large markets: The Gold Market in the Midlands, Green Market in South Shore, Dock Trade (“Blue Market”) in Northpoint, and Reefclaw (“Black Market”) in Old Korvosa.


Saul Tea
Owner of stall in Reefclaw Market

- Has expensive chest, claimed to belong to Keyra Palin herself.
- Old Halfling sailor who sold party gear/potions for attack on Eel’s End.

Branson Tallow
Owner of Bard’s End

- Received extra sacks of grain from party.
- Promised them warm welcome if they ever stopped by Bard’s End.

Fip and Grizzle
Owners of Slicing Dicers

- Party bought/sold weapons and armor from them.

Jope Chantsmo
Owner of the Trapper’s Hole

- Party bought bow/arrows from him.

Ole Zolataio
Proprietor of Kendall Arena

- Offered party entrance to blood sport contests in the name of Iomadae.

Vadid Pestico
Owner of Pestico’s Dolls and Figurines

- Party found and returned his doll before she killed any more thieves in the Korvosan night.
- Party sold goods and “erotic” statues to him.

[Merchants of Korvosa]

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