Runaway orphan, thief and pickpocket


- Last seen in Old Korvosa.
- Tricked into ambushing the party, he was chased into the rainy night and shot by Hoodlum.
- Resorted to open robbery when group of pickpockets disbanded (unknowingly) by Aron.
- Left shortly before party arrived with small group to make it on their own.
- Tracked down to Old Fishery where he had been working as a pickpocket for Lamm.
- Raimy disappeared from orphanage, and was thought to have run away.


Raimy, as he’s known by his friends, is a boy of around 14 years with auburn hair and a smirk a mile wide. Raimy was always getting into mischief where he was raised in the run-down Orphanage of the Many. Recently, he ran away and was recruited by Gaedren Lamm to run a small pickpocket group.


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