Shoanti Barbarian and Gang Leader


The party made easy work of Rock’s goons, and his best friend went down with an arrow through the heart. When he fled with his friend, he was caught by Chloe and Aron.

Asked to repent, he cursed Aron’s name and swore vengeance should he be set free. With this in mind, Aron stripped him of all his goods, and his right hand. A newly healed stub for a hand, and nothing but his small clothes, he disappeared into the chill night.

- Openly attacked the party as they walked through Old Docks in the middle of the night.
- A drunken Rock took a wild swing at Aron in the city streets but missed thoroughly.
- Our heroes bested several small Duster gangs bringing attention of their exploits to Rock’s ear.


Being born in Korvosa as a Shoanti native was never an easy life. Rock never really remembered his family, and quickly fell into gang life even at a young age. His strength, and his temper, established his presence as the strongest among the Dusters.


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