Sabina Merrin

Swordmistress of the Queensguard


- Sabina escorted the players when they first came to see the Queen.


Sabina Merrin commands the personal bodyguard of Ileosa Arabasti, Queen of Korvosa. She’s also been rumoured to secretly be her lover. A powerful sword-fighter, having trained extensively with Vencarlo himself, Sabina is a formidable presence at Castle Korvosa.

She never speaks about the circumstances surrounding her leaving Orisini Academy or the white scar across her cheek. After leaving the school, Sabina entered the Korvosan Guard, where she quickly climbed the ranks. While serving in the Guard she caught the Queen’s eye, and was soon made a member of her personal bodyguard.

Sabina idolizes the young queen for her strength and ambition in the face of the city’s problems.

Sabina Merrin

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