Tess Soldado

Gau's Sister-in-Law


- Lent party husband’s old skiff to sneak aboard Eel’s End.


Tess is the matriarch of the family and works as a washerwoman for the community and several families in North Point. She has dark red hair, olive skin, and she is in her 40s.

She loves her children above all else and has dedicated her life to bringing them up right.

- Brienna is the eldest at 16 with dark blonde hair, freckles, and her father’s boisterous personality. She spends her time helping Tess with clothes repair and maid duties.

- Charlo is the middle child, and looks a lot like his Varisian mother with the same black hair, albeit a bit more unruly, and light brown skin. He is a serious boy of 14, who cares greatly for mother and younger siblings. He works as a wheelwright’s apprentice with his younger brother Rhello.

- Rhello looks exactly like a 2 year younger Charlo. He recently started working at the wheelwright where his brother also works. His demeanour is a lot more cheery than his brother, but the two get along great.

Tess Soldado

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