[The Graveyard]

A collection of those sent off to their eternal slumber


A collection of the lost and the slain during our heroes’ quest through Varisia.


Notable Deaths

Human Ranger

- Killed by Toff Ornelos (Ray of Disintegrate)
- Had killed and skinned some of Korvosa’s most dangerous beasts
- Extremely skilled in the use of the heavy crossbow
- Former Shiver-addict saved by Markus Thorn

dead_spider.jpgDevargo Barsavi
Gang Boss of Eel’s End

- Killed by Aron Grey (sword across throat)
- Believed to have kidnapped Donna.
- Heroes tricked Barsavi into selling crate of Shiver along with proof against Amprei.
- Known on the street as the “King of Spiders”.

dead_verik.jpgVerik Vancaskerkin
Leader of Cow Hammer Boys

- Killed by Unknown (found dead in cell)
- Arrested while giving away human meat as food.
- Leader of Cow Hammer Boys and renegade Korvosan Guard.

dead_lamm.jpgGaedren Lamm
Gang Boss of Lamm’s Lambs

- Killed by Aron Grey (sword in chest)
- Ran a small Midland docks gang using children as pickpockets.

eodred.jpgEodred Arabasti
King of Korvosa

- Killed by Illness
- His reign was steady if unexceptional.
- Had a keen skill at dealing with the noble houses of both Korvosa and Cheliax.
- Negotiated numerous favorable trade agreements with Cheliax.

Varisian Fortuneteller

- Killed by Gaedren Lamm (decapitation)
- Spirit lives on in her harrow deck.
- Introduced party to each other to avenge death of her son.


NPCs Monsters & Beasts
1x… Gaedren Lamm, Crime Boss
1x… Yargo Belkin, Primo Goon
1x… Giggles, Orc killer
1x… Hookshanks, crazy gnome
3x… Renegade Guards
10x…Duster gang members
7x… Civilians
1x… Red Mantis Kidnapper
2x… Halfling Sailors
5x… Spider’s Arms
6x… Spider’s Eyes
1x… Devargo Barsavi, Crime Boss
1x… Mix, Gnome Alchemist
1x….. Bloo, his mangy dog
1x….. Gobblegut, ravenous alligator
5x….. Spiders
3x….. Reefclaw
1x….. Choker
1x….. Otyugh
1x….. Jigsaw Shark
1x….. Chittersnap, Ettercap
1x…. Giant Spider
3x…. Dream Spider

[The Graveyard]

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