Tag: Chloe


  • Zellara's Harrow Deck

    This well-worn deck features hand-painted images decorate this Harrow deck, with images on the faces that are so vibrant they seem to move when viewed out of the corner of the eye.

  • Mithril Armour

    The party has put in two orders for mithril armor with the Elven enclave in South Shore. They’ve been told that it will take at least a couple of weeks for the next mithril shipment to come in, and for the armor to be crafted.

  • Tactician’s Blade

    Beautiful magical blade found amongst the paperwork in Verik’s office. When first held in Chloe’s hands, the dagger seemed to tell of it’s purpose: To know more about Korsova. Where locations and people can be found. The party has assumed Verik used this …

  • Pseudodragon Mark

    Simple golden pin recognizing the wearer as a champion of Korvosa. Given to the party by Kroft for services rendered during the Amprei/Spider affair.