House Rules

Crits and Fumbles

The Paizo “Critical HIt” and “Critical Miss” apps are in play and used by both PCs and NPCs. The effect chosen will depend on the type of attack (bludgeoning, piercing, slashing, magic). During combat:

20 is rolled (and confirmed): “Critical Hit” app, or the standard double/triple damage.

1 is rolled: “Critical Fumble” app. No confirmation on fumble is required.

Harrow Readings

At the start of each adventure, players will draw a roll card, and receive a reading from the harrow deck for a chance to earn additional Harrow Points. These points can be used through-out the adventure, and gained through good ideas and great RP.

Base Points Gained = Cards drawn with featured Act’s Stat (Dex, Con, Str, Cha, Wis, Int) + 1 if roll card drawn.

Use 1 Harrow Point to:

- Re-roll a failed Reflex, Will, or Fortitude save. (self).
- Grant a +4-luck Bonus to AC for one round. (self).
- Grant a +2-luck bonus to attack, damage, or caster check rolls for one round (any player).
- Take an immediate standard or move action out-of-turn. (self).

Each “roll card” has an associated event in the storyline, and will provide a +2 bonus to attack/damage/checks during that event for the player that draws that card.

The First Reading

Though the details of the reading have now faded into the mists of time, three cards stand out above the rest: The Liar, The Snakebite, and The Queen Mother.

Aron Gray – The Empty Throne (those that are gone; someone who is missing)
Marcus Thorn – The Juggler (destinies, deities, and those that affect the fates of others)
Chloe Softwind – The Joker (clever trickery to defeat difficult situations and challenges)

Hoodlum – The Rabbit Prince (indicates defeat may come to anyone at anytime)
DM: This drawing was fairly prescient and accurate it turns out.

The Second Reading

The cards have not yet been consulted for a second reading…

House Rules

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