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Characters Level Class Gold Sails Harrow Points XP Tracker
Aron Gray 3 Human Paladin 0gs ? 4900/9000 xp
Chloe Softwind 3 Elf Bard 0gs ? 4800/9000 xp
Kaylee Somerset 3 Half-Elf Sorcerer 0gs ? 1800/9000 xp
Markus Thorn 3 Human Rogue 0gs ? 4650/9000 xp
Wanda the Witch 3 Human Witch 0gs ? 4500/9000 xp

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A Pleasing Sort of Madness (ACT I)

The first act of our tale takes our heroes from the docks, through riots, Guard investigations, and a confrontation at Eel’s End. It ends with death on the sands of the arena floor, and shattered reputations.

I - Gone Fishin’ – A deadly confrontation with Gaedren Lamm at the docks.
II – Under Crimson Skies – The King dies, and our heroes attempt to survive wide-spread riots.
III Mourning After – A journey to the castle, meeting with the Queen, and shopping!~
IV – The Guard Needs You! – Joining the Guard, and shutting down “All the World’s Meat”.
V – Welcome to my Parlour – Twisted ambassadors, power-plays, and a meeting with The Spider.
VI – Flights in the Night – A funeral march, hunt for renegade guards and the lost orphan Raimy.
VII Interludes – Awoken in their beds. Because the night is dark, and full of terrors.
VIII Of Sharks and Spiders – Donna is kidnapped, and a rescue plan is formed.
IX – Kill it with Fire – The storming Eel’s End and the death of Devargo Barsavi.
X – Tarnished Blades – Training with Orisini, and blood on the sand of the arena.

Desecration & Desperation (ACT II)

The second act begins three weeks after the disastrous events at Kendall Arena. Our disgraced heroes attempt to make amends, avoid jail-time, and navigate the power-plays and deadly enemies hiding among every rooftop and shadowy corner of Korvosa…

I – Salvage Rights – Dust-up with dusters, a cocky ambassador, and recovery of their gear.

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