Stay a while and listen to the tale of a young Paladin, brash Thief, gothic Bard, and healing Shoanti witch,
as they navigate the streets, slums, and secrets, of the City of Korvosa.

The Story So Far


Our heroes have slain a couple of crime bosses, survived riots, enlisted with the guard, shut down a people-meat shop, and put an end to the machinations of a power hungry Ambassador.

Recently, they tracked down and rescued Sister Donna from the clutches of Devargo Barsavi, the Spider of Korvosa. His death, and the destruction of Eel’s End may have lasting effects on the city.

Though under house-arrest at the Citadel, while the investigation into the deaths and arson aboard Eel’s End continued, they convinced Kroft to let them undergo vigorous training in Vencarlo Orisini’s care only to be thrown out of the Blood Sports on the very first day.

Disgraced before the eyes of the city, and named “The Tarnished Blades” by those they pass in the street, the party now sits nursing their wounds, and their wounded pride. All the while facing the very feel prospect of a murder trial and the gallows.

Recent Rumors

- Winners of the Blood Sports, House Arkona, have announced that all prize money will be given to the people!
- People are toasting Barbaros, and his team the “Black Fangs”, for the very violent but epic victory in the arena.

- Rumors that the Queen Illeosa poisoned the King to steal power are still on everyone’s lips.
- Food prices have tripled, and crime rates have skyrocketed. The Guard can barely contain the situation.

- A mercenary group attacked Eel’s End to rescue some girl. The place exploded, and Barsavi and his guards are dead!
- The remaining ships of Eel’s End are now under Lady Halvara’s management, and have been renamed “Spider’s End”.

- Arson/Murder investigation into Eel’s End being spearheaded by Zenobia Zenderholm, “The Hanging Judge”.
- House Carrowyn is bankrolling the prosecution after losing a son on the drug boat when it was sunk.

The Crimson Throne

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