Balance of Power

korvosa_seal.jpg The government of Korvosa is comprised of three official branches, each with its own unique sphere of influence. With traditionally limited authority, Queen Illeosa’s power is divided among the monarchy, other great houses, and sprawling bureaucracy of the city.

Current Ruler: Queen Illeosa of House Arabasti
The monarchy’s power has been weakened recently due to the death of the King. Also, in the ensuing riots, the Seneschal was reported missing and is presumed dead.

(38%) Monarchy (the Queen)

The monarchs of Korvosa have served as the primary diplomats and defenders of the city-state. The monarchy’s authority has always been limited, with control of Korvosa’s government shared among groups that existed prior to its inception.

(30%) Arbiters & Magistrates (Law & Order)

The arbiters are the judges, and magistrates the bureaucracy that keeps the city running. Twenty-three magistrates occupy themselves with matters of taxation, oversight, public works, and the daily management of Korvosa. Within the tribunal councils, none is more respected than Zenobia Zenderholm, the “Hanging Judge”, and none more feared by the criminal classes.

Riots and disruptions to regular shipments of food and materials has weakened the strength of Korvosa’s bureaucracy.

(32%) Great Houses (the Nobility)

The five great houses form a Great Council within the city, that advises the monarchy. The remaining 21 noble houses comprise the Dock Families, each boasting control over one or more of the city’s docks.

Council Leader: Mercival Jeggare of House Jeggare
Controlling the second largest amount of dockyard space in Korvosa allows House Jeggare to act as credit broker for the monarchy and other noble houses. Chief financial backer of Korvosan Guard and sable Company marines.

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Branches of the Military

Korvosa’s military resources are embodied in three separate organizations, each charged with protecting the city-state and its people in manners unique to each group.

korvosan_guard.png Korvosan GuardField Marshal Cressida Kroft
The primary responsibility of the Korvosan Guard is the protection and well being of the city of Korvosa. Its members serve as police and also act in the capacity of a defensive military force. In addition, the Guard also often works to forward the interests of the government and the local church of Abadar.

In recent weeks, the Guard has suffered moderate losses due to riots and desertion.

sable_company.pngSable Company MarinesCommandant Marcus Endrin
The hippogriff-mounted marines of the Sable Company answer directly to Korvosa’s monarchy, their orders given to them by the standing Seneschal of Castle Korvosa. Their purpose is to patrol and defend the city’s skies and waterways, though they’ve also been known to assist the Korvosan Guard in their efforts throughout the city.

In recent weeks, Sable Company has suffered light losses due to riots.

250px-Cheliax_flag.jpgOrder of the Nail Hellknights – Lictor Severs DiViri
The Hellknights pursue their unyielding ideals of order and law above all else; they are fanatical when confronted by behavior or events that fly against their strict worldview. Only a portion of their forces are in the city at any one time, while the bulk of their might rests in Citadel Vraid, on a shelf of the mountains south of Korvosa.

Religions in Korvosa

Though diverse in it’s teachings, religions in Korvosa lean heavily on their economic and Chelish roots.

Religious Leader: Darb Tuttle of The Bank of Abadar
Acts as bank, mint, vault and head temple in Korvosa.

Major religions:
The Bank of Abadar (38%)
Temple of Asmodeus (26%)
Grand Cathedral of Pharasma (8%)
Temple of Sarenrae (7%)

church_abadar.png church_asmodeus.png church_pharasma.png church_sarenrae.png

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Crime in Korvosa

Cerulean Society (official thieves’ guild) – Only guild allowed within Korvosa with fingers in all things seedy and shady in Korvosa. Guildmaster Boole is the head of the Cerulean Society.

Rat’s Teat Boys (northpoint gang) – Rumored gang of wererats that hide in the Korvosan sewers.
Weretigers (garrison hill gang) – Small Old Korvosa gang.
Catsdew Lofties (shingles gang) – Famous cat burglars and thieves.
Dusters (midlands dock gang) – Large midlands gang composed mainly of Shoanti refugees.
Sczarni (organized gangs and crime family) – Famous Varisian mob family.

Balance of Power

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