Blood Sport

Founding Festival

Each year, thousands attend the great games of the Arena. Held in the days leading up the the Founding Festival, the arena, and several smaller temporary arenas setup for the games, host brave fighters wishing to test their might in gladiatorial combat. During these fights, strict rules must be adhered to.

Order of Battle
To help the party, Vencarlo has managed to secure this year’s “Order of Battle”. Details of the fights the party is expected to face are included below:

Day 1: Day of the Beast
Players should arrive early to draw billets for their arena placement. The Day of the Beast is typically reserved for preliminary trails against animals. Winners advance; if you yield, you lose.

Day 2: Day of the Sea
This year’s Day of the Sea event is a recreation of the famous Battle of the Straits across the straits of St. Alika. Held in the main arena, this two team versus two team battle features bridges and crossings over a shallow strip of water. Top two teams advance.

Day 3: Day of the Sky
A King of the castle event is planned for this year’s Day of the Sky. The main arena is raised to emulate Castle Korvosa’s pyramid, and player’s compete to hold the top tier. There are also four teams present for this battle but only the top team advances.

Festival Day: Day of the Crown*
The final day of the arena competitions features three rounds for the surviving teams.

Quarter Final (beast)
A Shoanti Raid battle where two teams scramble to find the best items buried in the sands of the arena. One team advances.

Semi Final (sea)
Palin’s Cove recreation where the arena is completely flooded and teams are each provided with a small ship. One team advances.

Final (sky)
The grand finale of the competition features the most elaborate arena staging yet. Stages are raised and lowered at random while traps, beasts, and other enemies lurk on the arena to take down the final two teams.

The Rules

  • No poisons, potions or scrolls.
  • No curative, regenerative, or resurrections spells allowed.
  • No permanent concealment, incorporeal, or gaseous forms.
  • No flying higher than 40’; No burrowing under arena.

Prior to the Fight

  • All team members must sign “Waver of Untimely Demise”
  • Gladiators may carry no more than two melee weapons, and one ranged weapon.
  • Magical items and weapons must be screened and approved by judges.
  • One minute to prepare before fight begins

The Fight

  • Match persists until one team is victorious through death or surrender
  • Gladiators may yield by dropping their weapons, kneeling and raising both arms.
  • Spoils belong to the gladiator’s team, not victors

History of Blood Sports at Kendall Arena

In 4579, the largest recorded sinkhole in Korvosa’s history opened up just north of Pillar Wall. Engulfing an area nearly 500 feet in diameter, this immense hole fortunately swallowed only a few building thought it unleashed a swarm of Ankhegs from their burrows. The Scions of Puris – an adventuring band of some repute at the time – happened to be nearby, and without hesitation, they delved into the sinkhole. Over the course of a few days, they cleared it of the ankheg threat but when they emerged the final time, they brought out their beloved leader, Mina Kendall, in a blood-stained bag.

Working with the church of Abadar, dwarves from Janderhoff came down and stabilized the ground around the sinkhole. They built a series of supporting walls with narrow doorways that allowed access to the newly discovered Vault beyond, allowing additional construction near the hole. Three years later, the Scions of Puris returned to Korvosa to witness the grand opening of a massive open-air arena the city named after the beloved former leader.

Today, Kendall Arena hangs partially suspended above the sinkhole’s opening. A complicated series of arches and pillars holds it aloft, while two concealed sets of stairs allow descent into the large vault below. Most of the bowl that forms the seating area for the arena consists of carefully smoothed basalt while directly beneath the sands hangs a floor that houses various mechanical contraptions to lift platforms and reconfigure the arena into any needed shape.

While the arena occasionally hosts open air performances, it primarily presents games and contests including combat and bloodshed. Due to its configurable arena floor, various feats of strength, races, and obstacle courses can be held.

Blood Sport

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