The Great Houses of Korvosa


House Jeggare (32%)

The branch of House Jeggare in the Korvosa controls the second-largest share of dock space, allowing the family to generate an enormous income through its brisk trade. Nearly a quarter of the city’s privately held assets are controlled by the family, making it not only a powerful and influential noble house but also the wealthiest. House Jeggare survives the sometimes cutthroat politics of Korvosa by keeping a line of credit open for the monarch and other noble families, and by acting as the chief financial backer of both the Korvosan Guard and the Sable Company.


House Ornelos (26%)

House Ornelos is one of the most politically powerful noble houses in Korvosa and it also controls the prestigious Acadamae through the headmaster, Toff Ornelos. Many lord magistrates have come from this family, and to this day House Ornelos keeps at least two advisors at the ear of the monarch.


House Arkona (24%)

Since their initial voyage to Vudra, where they acquired many fine goods, and setup a lasting trade route, House Arkona has only increased its wealth and influence in the city. Nothing occurs in the back alleys or stinking vaults of Old Korvosa without House Arkona knowing about it. It is a poorly kept secret that the family controls or has influence over every major (and most minor) criminal enterprise in the city.


House Leroung (12%)

Members of the ancient and esteemed Chelish noble House Leroung have long served their country and its colonies as teachers and scholars. The house rarely bothers with the dirty politics of court life, and maintains extensive libraries in the three largest cities of Cheliax. Lady Eliasia Leroung, the current headmistress of the University of Korvosa, is considered an ally by most other noble houses. The widespread practice of using halfling crews on trading ships was started by House Leroung.


House Zenderholm (6%)

When the Cousins’ War broke out, House Zenderholm was among the first to declare loyalty to Cheliax. Leveraging that loyalty and bravery into political power, 30 years after its arrival within Korvosa, House Zenderholm displaced House Fordyce as a Great House, making it the first of that title to not also be a Dock Family. Today, House Zenderholm members serve the city as arbiters, magistrates, lawyers, and diplomats.

Minor Houses of Note

Over two dozen noble houses can be found in Korvosa. Most are known as the “dock families” and make their fortunes in providing moorage.

House Bromathan
This house has had a long tradition of serving loyally in the Korvosan Guard or the Sable Company with close ties to House Endrin.

House Carowyn
Moderately wealthy house, and long-time supporter of the Opera and Kendall Arena. Holds the largest, most opulent balls and gatherings.

House Endrin
House Endrin has produced more leaders of the Sable Company and Korvosan Guard than any other house. House Endrin remains close to House Jeggare and controls considerable influence in the city due to its strong alliances.

House Fordyce
Out-maneuvered by House Zenderholm, this house has fallen from grace, and is now quite poor.

House Kroft
Minor house with some wealth and proud service with the Korvosan Guard. Field Marshal Cressida Kroft is currently head of this house.

House Peltherianon
Impoverished minor house. First noble house in Korvosa (founder changed name to Korvosa upon founding city.

The Great Houses of Korvosa

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