The Shoanti


The Shoanti are a barbaric, often nomadic people native to the Storval Plateau and Velashu Uplands regions of Varisia. Like their Varisian cousins, these humans descended from the enslaved workers of the ancient empire of Thassilon, but have, since its fall, developed a unique and advanced culture of their own.

When the Chelaxian Empire expanded into southern Varisia through Bloodsworn Vale in 4406 AR, the Shoanti found themselves facing a new enemy: colonizers from the south. The battles between the people of what would become Korvosa and the Shoanti raged for decades, finally ending in 4488, but the bad blood sown between the two peoples has remained even until today.

Shoanti Nations (Quah)
Despite their common heritage, the seven tribes (or “quahs”) of the Shoanti are quite different from one another in terms of traditions, beliefs, and overall world-views. The three Shoanti groups most commonly found in Korvosa are the Lyrune-Quah, Sklar-Quah, and Skoan-Quah. Lyrune-Quah (The Moon Clan)
The Lyrune-Quah are said to be among the best archers of the Shoanti people. Traveling under the bright Storval moon, and hunting by the illumination of the stars in the vast Varisian sky, members of the Moon Clan recognize that a well-aimed arrow is as effective, if not more so, than a whole band of raging brawlers. Sklar-Quah (The Sun Clan)
By far the most xenophobic of the Shaonti clans, the fierce members of the Sklar-Quah are almost constantly at war. Whether they fend off the orcs from Belkzen or the Chelish invaders of the south, the Sun Clan has learned to use the heat and fire of the Cinderlands as much as a weapon as it is a hardship for themselves. Skoan-Quah (The Skull Clan)
Life among the Skoan-Quah revolves around death. Whether they are fighting against undead, acting as guardians for the deceased among all the clans, or tracking the oral history of the Shoanti people, the enigmatic members of the Skull Clan are an enigma which sometimes troubles even the most understanding of their fellow Shoanti.

The Shoanti

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