The Varisian Basin


These settlements, having been subjugated or otherwise enthralled to Korvosa, pay respect and taxes to the crown.

Abken (LG) – Small commune and hamlet.
Baslwief (N) – Poor mining village.
Biston (LN) – Prosperous fishing village.
Harse (LG) – Organized farming town.
Melfesh (N) – Large provincial town.
Palin’s Cove (LN) – Industrial town.
Sirathu (CN) – Small frontier town.
Veldraine (LN) – Fortified town and naval yard.

Other Settlements
These settlements are independent of Korvosan influence.

Citadel Vraid (LE – Hellknight fortress)

  • Situated on a shelf of mountain south of Korvosa
  • Half day travel South-west

Janderhoff (LG – Large Dwarven city)

  • Trade partner to Korvosa
  • 4 day’s travel North

Kaer Maga (CN – Small outcast city)

  • Hexagonal city built atop Storval Plateau
  • Recently warred with Korvosa
  • A week’s travel North

Magnimar (N – Large human city)

  • City split with Korvosa during Chelaxian civil war
  • Mostly focused on trade, wealth, prosperity
  • Much better relations with Shoanti / Varisians
  • Week’s sea voyage West

Riddleport (CN – Large human city)

  • City of pirates and thieves
  • Contains enormous stone/rune gate
  • 2 week’s sea voyage West then North

Urglin (CE – Large orc city)

  • The Shattered City
  • Orc city located in the Cinderlands
  • 2-3 week’s travel North


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